December 30, 2006

Not To Worry I Noticed Them Too

You may or may not have noticed in my last entry a grammatical error or two. I must admit to you now, I am not that fantastic with grammar or editing my work. Usually when editing I just read what I want it to say instead of what is actually written. I have just realized that perhaps that's a reading problem and not an editing one. I will investigate that situation further at another juncture in time. I have one major pet peeve: further and farther are in fact two separate words with different meanings which cannot and should not be interchanged at the users will.

However, my anger toward people who use further and farther incorrectly was not the intention of this post. The intention is that I have decided which may or may not be a good thing to not get embarrassed by my grammatical misjudgments and to instead embrace them as my own literary personality. By no means am I trying to make a mockery of the English language but rather try not to be so worried about mistyping 'is' for 'it' and 'lines' instead of 'lined.' Also, now I can be totally lazy and let you decode my actual message. See, we both win that way. With my new lack of editing style it is lucky for you this thing has spell check or this would become a game I promise you wouldn't want to play.

December 28, 2006

Maui's Back Roads

I realized today one of the best things about Maui and as you may have guessed from the title of this blog it is indeed the back roads. Whenever roads were blocked you always had another way around. The back roads were always lines with trees engulfed with wild vines. The sun would shine in through the holes which was nice except on the the road to Kihei (which isn't really a back road anyway) because the holes in the trees were too big making you feel like you were getting a migraine. (see the following photo for reference)

I found out today that one of my favorite back roads (the one to the airport) has been demolished and in its stead will be shops and hotels. I believe slowly but surely the paradise will soon be sucked out of Maui so if you want to see anything worth remembering make sure to vacation there in the near future. Then again maybe not. I could perhaps sell bottles of my memories of the paradise that once was for quite a sum of money. Yes, please do not visit Maui in the near future or ever for that matter and instead by my bottled paradise memories. I promise the packaging will be nice.

Additionally, I just spend the last hour googling photos of my native land's back roads attempting to find exactly the right photo. I then realized I couldn't narrow it down at which point I am left with no other choice then to post them all. So I suppose this is a little taste of what's left of my island paradise and my bottled memories. I will not charge for this initial trial period. Please comment if you are interested in purchasing the bottled paradise memories in full (remember the packaging is going to be awesome).

December 22, 2006

Falafels and the Blizzard

Boulder just had a pretty sweet blizzard (unless you are one of the unfortunate ones stuck at DIA, or got graduation canceled for good on them, or got their car stuck, or got trapped in their home, or was trying to get out of the state for christmas). Let me rephrase my previous sentence: I thought the blizzard that hit boulder was pretty sweet.

I believe this is mostly due to the fact that on the first day of the storm will and i went on a journey to falafel king for lunch, and as soon as we got in the door they asked us to lock it because they were closing early due to the weather. though i do not have a photo of it, will and i ate our delightful falafel plates then journeyed back into the snow our belly's full of falafel goodness.

December 18, 2006

Caitlin's Quote

"it's the countdown. you know, the countdown to christ."

(i thought this photo best represented her quote.)

December 17, 2006

The Holiday (2006)

Hotties Pi went to see The Holiday yesterday and besides the $14 concessions the movie was pretty snazzy. I would go to say it is comparable to Love Actually with some LA thrown in there for kicks. The movie was great but what was even better was the ladies sitting behind us.

Usually people talking in movies (especially baby people ie. children) makes me want to scream and beat them up with Jedi moves, but this wasn't the case with these whispering ladies. For a while, they got two of the characters Jude Law and Rufus Sewell confused as the same character. This caused them to think one of the characters was cheating on another so they would say "oh no no no" much like they were watching a scary movie when the characters would interact. This made for a more suspenseful romantic comedy movie watching experience.

They got extremely excited when a plate of fettuccine alfredo made a cameo appearance. They commented on how delicious it looked. The thing was, you couldn't deny how delicious the fettuccine looked. I wonder who got to eat it on the set.

why you too can love arboretums

I sure do love arboretums and I will make a small plee for you to love them too by showing you photographs from the Planting Fields Arboretum State Historical Park. Enjoy your virtual walk through nature.

December 16, 2006

a sad post

i have never written one. this will be my first because i am sad. i wish i could say otherwise and have great stories and pictures, but i am sad. i wish i could say otherwise.

November 25, 2006

I Forgot How Much I Love Hidden Songs

My iTunes was shuffling my songs and I got to a hidden song. I should make a cd with entirely hidden tracks. I'll do that mostly because I'm a bad singer but partially because I love hidden songs.

Subway Target Ads

I saw these on the metro this weekend. They were pretty sweet. It made me happy to think about target until I was looking on the internet today to show you all what I was talking about and I came across a petition to remove the ads. Perhaps it is because I am in advertising, but wouldn't the public want to embrace interesting, entertaining forms of advertising? This is the petition:

As straphangers and loyal subway riders we would like to make it known that we are officially against any signage, any new ads, any new lighting in the subway tunnel.

In particular we are against the MTA's plan to add advertisement to tunnel walls that will be like "electronic panels that would display 15-to-20-second commercials on tunnel walls - like a giant, high-tech version of kiddie flip books".

Ridership on subways and busses is higher than it has been in 50 years. The MTA finished last year with an enourmas surplus. The subway is our one respite from the city that never sleeps. From being bombarded by a McDonald's on every block and a Starbucks between that. From ads on sides of buildings to the neon glow of Times Square.

We not only ask, we demand that you keep your ads off our tunnel walls.

I suggest this people stop eating at McDonalds and drinking $5 drinks at Starbucks if they want a change, not get angry about an awesome idea that is super entertaining to watch. Additionally, I like how they assume these tunnel wall are "our" walls.

These people should actually fight about something that matters like the environment or something. we demand that you keep your boats off our blue whales.

here's the youtube of the ads

How Rosser Reeves Found His Way Into My Thanksgiving

Just as soon as I thought I left the advertising world the unique selling proposition caught me off guard. There I was standing innocently at the Smithsonian looking at Rubies and other such beauties when I read the caption to one of the Rubies. Photo by tor.

I forgot to actually take a picture of the pink Ruby so I had to snag a photo off the internet. Here's Rosser Reeves "baby." You just can't get away from advertising.

here's some information I didn't write about this bad boy:

Weighing 138.7 carats, the Rosser Reeves Ruby is one of the world's largest and finest star rubies. This Sri Lankan stone is renowned for its great color and well-defined star pattern. Advertising mogul Rosser Reeves, who donated the piece to the Smithsonian in 1965, carried it around as a lucky stone, referring to it as his baby. He often stated that he had acquired the stone at an auction in Istanbul in the mid-1950s. He actually bought the stone from Robert C. Nelson Jr. of New York who was acting on behalf of Firestone & Parson of Boston. Firestone & Parson were selling the stone for Mr. Paul Fisher of New York. Mr. Robert Fisher, Paul's father, had bought the ruby at an auction in London in 1953. At the time the ruby then weighed just over 140 carats, but was very heavily scratched, and a few carats were removed in the repolishing. The repolishing also helped to center the stone's star. Articles in the New York World-Telegram and The Sun in 1953 mentioned this fabulous gemstone. Photo by Chip Clark.

November 18, 2006

I found my sister today

i found her on myspace.
i befriended her.
im waiting to see if she friends me.
i'll keep you updated.

November 7, 2006

Miss Not So Photogenic

Usually people don't like to show photos of themselves when they don't look so delightful. I think if you put them all together it's not so bad. Beautiful almost. Almost.

I leave it in your hands to vote on the Miss Unphotogenic photo. Please make your vote heard on the comment page.








October 23, 2006

So They Say Fall Is Pretty Here

I was told fall is amazing here in Virginia. Apparently, those people haven't seen a Colorado fall. Perhaps, fall hasn't yet happened here. Some of the trees are changing though. It isn't so amazing. The colors are dull in comparison to Colorado. Maybe it is because no fall could ever compete with this photo. That's probably it.

This post is dedicated to Caitlin Indian White-Root for she is the master of all things fall and I miss her very much. Caits if you are out there somewhere reading perhaps from the lab while your yeast cultures are culturing or whatever it is that they do, I want you to know - I have four pretty Richmond leaves for you. I am still waiting for the Virginia fall to end to send them to you incase I get even better ones!

October 19, 2006

My Favorite Part About Richmond

I love Richmond for one reason only. This reason is three men on horseback who enforce the law: the Richmond Mounties. Unlike the more familiar Canadian Mounted Police, the Richmond Mounties like to travel in packs of three. No less, no more. They enjoy taking their horses to the fountain in front of The Martin Agency to let their parched ponies take a drink. This shot was taken from the parking structure on 14th and Cary. I also waved at them. They didn’t wave back.


I will never be more beautiful than today. My silky, pink petals dance in the breeze. My pearly parts will soon drop. They will flutter to the depths gloriously and harmoniously to be forgotten in time - and i will weep. Weep for those who will follow who too will weep on this day. The day before our destiny of becoming fat, red and ugly. I will be far from delicious without my dainty lobes and sweet sent that seduces the breeze. I must not focus on what is to come. No, no. Today is perfect, and I am perfect.

October 15, 2006

Ping Pong Battle Wounds

i think i'm taking ping pong too seriously and advertising not seriously enough.

Don't Trust Me

Inside the cereal box today - I found no toy,
just lots of round puffed balls.
They advertised a toy.
3-D glasses or soemthing glow-in-the-dark,
something they'd made with love.
They just don't make things like they used to.

October 11, 2006

The White Van, The Fish Mobile and Other Such Stories

When I was little my dad had a white van. It had no seats in the back and it was rusting everywhere. The only real way you knew it was a white van was because my dad called it his white van. The engine was on the inside of the van and was covered with a brown plastic thing like the wheel-well coverings inside a school bus.

I remember one day going into the van and finding a glass buoy that had barnacles all over it. They were still alive so when you touched them they’d open and close. One of them closed on my finger. I don’t have a scar to prove it.

This reminds me of the time Erica and I were down at the harbor with my dad. I’m not sure why Erica and I were there except that this was a long time ago and we for some reason had my grandpa’s “fish mobile.” (It was a brown station wagon that had a fish hood ornament, which is why it was appropriately called the fish mobile) While my dad was off fixing my grandpas beauty the Kilohana III, Erica and I decided to go crab hunting. For some reason we put the crabs we found inside the car in a small wooden box with no lid. We left to find more crabs and came back to find that the crabs were gone. The moral of this story is that if you want to lose your crabs put them in a small wooden box.

October 4, 2006

On Technology

I was really bummed out having to move far far away from the love of my life: the Colorado Avalanche. However, I am listening to the game on the internet game radio. I'm so far away but still so close. This is too crazy.

October 1, 2006

I'm Not Sure What This Means But...

I just watched this show called The World's Ugliest Dog Competition. When I flipped to this station they were interviewing the owners of this Whippet named Victoria. She had a water filled brain which resulted in her having a bulge in her left eye. She couldn’t walk straight and was pretty silly looking. She constantly got seizures and all the doctors said she should be put down.

I couldn’t help but wonder, is this going to be me in an adcenter month and was this my sign to run for my life?

Perhaps it was all just a coincidence.

September 22, 2006

Parking Structures

Today after the Adcenter seminar, I went to free my vehicle from the parking structure which proved to be more difficult than I thought. I didn't realize when exiting that there is in fact only one exit where a person would take your money. The other is for permit parking.

Imagine with me that VCU classes have just ended, and there are lines and lines of cars waiting to get out of this parking structure. I have just blocked the permit exit. I have no permit, just $3.25 to pay the attendant. Now I’m stuck and I can’t back up. Cars start piling up behind me.

At this point I throw my hands up and decide I am going to run from my car and never look back, but I couldn’t leave my Carlos (my car) alone to be stuck in the parking structure. I decide to do the next best thing, go around the gate. You must keep in mind I have a ‘95 Ford Escort, by no means an off-road vehicle, but I saw no other choice.

This is where things get interesting.

As I am bumping and scraping poor Carlos over the barrier and around the gate, a girl entering the parking structure yells at me in a condescending tone, “you can’t do that.” She seems to think she is telling me something I don’t already know. Oh in your country you don’t go around barriers and gates?

I held my $3.25 at her and said, “I didn’t know I couldn’t get out this way,” but I am still trying to focus on not breaking my beloved Carlos and getting into even worse of a mess than I was already in.

This girl seems to find a need to continue this conversation as though I have all the time in the world to discuss this situation with her. She responds, “Oh yes you did.”

Oh right, I forgot how much I love public humiliation, and really I just wanted to take my Carlos for a joy ride over the barrier and around the gate. Plus, I didn’t want to pay the attendents. Three dollars is just too much especially when I already have it in my hand to pay!!! That is way too much work. No no, I'd just rather go around the barrier through this exit. Of course I knew I couldn’t get out this way.

In the end she tells me “to have a nice day” still in the pompous tone that she started with.

As I drove away at first I had mixed feelings of being angry and not believing I freed myself from this parking trap, but my anger and humiliation quickly turned into laughter the whole way home as I kept repeating in my head “you can’t do that.” Apparently, I can do that and I did.

Additionally, I plan on next week paying $6.50 for my parking stay and going out the correct exit. If you are worried about becoming a victim of a parking stucture debacle, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

September 12, 2006


I still don't know exactly how to use this beast, but I thank dan so much for seducing me into this blog. I will tell you stories about fun things and probably not so fun things. I will attempt to make it the most amazing blog of all time. For now, I will be busy working on this spot. cheers!

September 11, 2006

Seduce to blog

This blog is for you. As you and I talked and shared myspace pages, I came to the realization that you should blog. Everyone should blog, really...but especially you.
So here is your start. Fill it with what you like, but whatever you do, make sure you put your stories on here. Personally, I liked the one where you cut your hand during an interview and had to leave without finishing. I'm sorry that you didn't get that job. It's okay were meant for bigger things.
Blog on.

Peace & Love,
-Dan (your seduction partner)