September 20, 2010

Great News Gang, I'm Moving To Tumblr

I've got me a fancy, shiny new tumblr account. All the old content is there. I'm still trying to figure out how to enable comments on the template I chose.

hope you like it.

September 14, 2010

Heart Typestaches on Kaboodle

I guess typestaches in some sort of interweb contest for posters. Go ahead and heart it for me and I'll bake you a pie. A pie made of dreams and unicorns.


Farmer's Market

My favs from the farmer's market this weekend:

September 9, 2010

There's Beauty in the Breakdown

The Boulder fires remind me of the Frou Frou song "Let Go" or at least when I look at these amazing photos by DLevin on flickr. So incredibly sad for those who have lost their homes including the animal friends. But you have to admit there is some beauty in the breakdown.

September 7, 2010

New Saying I Created Just Now

"Sweet gems of Jesus"

example phrase:

Sweet gems of Jesus, I must run to the loo!

The Brillance of a Chicken Salad Sandwich

I'd consider the chicken salad sandwich the reversible pants of the food world. It's so wonderful. If you get bored of eating it as a sandwich you can just make it into a salad. How delightful.

September 6, 2010

My Favorite Place In The City

I went to the Dahlia Garden at GG park yesterday to take some pictures. Here are a few gems I came across:

I really wanted to lie in the middle of the garden and pretend I was in a wild dahlia patch so I took this shot to fake what I would have seen.

Busy bee

September 1, 2010

An Adventure

My sister was in town recently so we went on an adventure. If you live in SF you should go here. We also went to Stinson Beach for about 3 seconds before we decided it was far too cold for a beach adventure. Here are some adventure photos:

flower friends

tourist club

the tourist club view

the line in the sand

my favorite bridge

August 26, 2010

And They Say One Vote Doesn't Count

With one glorious vote we have a name for our dear cupcake horse. Thanks to noteb and his voting powers in this democratic nation his name is Teabiscuit. Hurray! Now we can all say one vote can really make a difference.

Flower Nerd Alert

I'm a bit of a how do you say flower nerd. I love plants and flowers so much that I follow a few wedding blogs because I just adore looking at the beautiful flowers. Yes, I still look at these wedding blogs even though anyone who sees me on them has a tendency to say "oh you're looking to get married then, eh?" to which I have to say no it's just one of the best places on the interweb for floral inspiration. I doubt anyone believes it to be the truth, but it's true. No one f*s around with their flowers on their wedding day. Or so I thought.

While looking at this posting today I noticed a bit of a floral fumble. To a normal person this would go totally unnoticed, but I'm a bit of an observer especially when it comes to flowers so I immediately noticed this photo:

Lilac? Those are lupine in the jar actually. I thought for a second well maybe that's just the table name and they are all lupine with different flower named tables but then I saw this one:

Daisy and daisies. Proving my suspensions were right, they had a bit of a flower fumble. Get your flowers straight people. I'm watching you.

August 25, 2010

Spread The News

Instead of saying "oh snap" I've started saying "oh red snapper."

Instead of saying "zing!" I've started saying "lemon zinger!"

August 19, 2010

A Wise Man

A wonderful quote from a wonderful person.

A Little Gem For You

Today re-purposed some old comp I once did for something. Feel free to enjoy with biscuit.

August 18, 2010


instead of saying jk as a shortened version of just kidding i like to say JK Rowling.

August 17, 2010

August 16, 2010

Like A Centaur, Only Not

Made by me.

Vote on his name:

a. Cakery (submitted by mel)
b. Teabiscut (submitted by alper)

The Wilder Frontier

I made this to make myself laugh. It worked.

David Carson TED Talk

I created this after listening to David Carson's TED talk.

Holy Ponies

My sister recently told me that when I was little I used try to hid my love for horses from my sisters. Apparently, I didn't want anyone to know how much I loved horses. And man, I really loved horses. I remember one year on my birthday my family had gotten me a whole bunch of plastic horse toys. They lined them all up in the hallway and I walked out in the morning to see all my new horse friends. I was pretty little then but that memory will be forever etched into my mind. Well, until I get Alzheimer's.

I loved horses so much in fact that there were these two life-size plastic horses standing at the gates of a farm on the road to my grandparents house. Right before the farm was a cemetery. The cemetery is important because every time I'd pass the cemetery I'd hold my breath and make a wish to get one of the giant horses. This happened every time we passed the cemetery. Years passed. Then on the way to my grandparents for the holidays one year I went through my horse wishing ritual. Then moments after my wish, we passed by the farm and can you believe it one of the horses was gone? I silently got really really excited. This was finally the year I was going to get my life-size plastic horse. I don't think I fully thought through what I'd do with it if I had one. I went to my grandparents and opened presents. Then when all the presents had been opened my mom said there was one more thing for me but it was outside. I started interally chanting, "It's happening! It's happening! I'm getting my life-size plastic horse after all that wishing." I went outside to find a sweet purple bike I really wanted. It was pretty amazing, but I was secretly disappointed it wasn't the giant plastic horse.

All these memories came flooding to the front of my mind after seeing this posting on yay!everyday. I went to photographer Kalle Gustafsson's website to see if I could find more of these beautiful horse photographs. And I did. Beyond capturing such beautiful horse images there are so many amazing shots on the site. I highly recommend taking an adventure through the site. Here are some of my favorites:

This one reminds me of something that I can't put my finger on right now. Maybe this book cover?

I find many people fear horses. How could you fear them after this photo. Beautiful.

August 15, 2010

"Good things come out of imcomprehension"

Maria Kalman has her Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World) is currently at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. I'm going to go and check it out this week. I went to the CJM website and looked at the "In the news" section to see what people thought of the exhibit. I really think ZEEK said it best:

a week in photo review

i made some delicious mint iced tea and put them in recycled french lemonade bottles. the bottles made everything so fancy.

yesterday it was sunny in august in san francisco. had to capture that rare sighting.

walking through chinatown yesterday i realized that even though i've lived in the city for two years i've never actually taken a picture of chinatown. so i did.

on my way out of chinatown i decided to stop at citylights bookstore. i also discovered the upstairs of city lights for the first time where they have poetry and beat writings. i decided to read naked lunch while sitting upstairs. i got 40 pages in and so far that junk is pretty fucked up. to add to the book's actual text, i could hear through the window down to a man on jack kerouac alley yelling profanities and nonsensical ramblings. i though it was a perfect new layer to the book. at some point i couldn't tell who was making more sense, the drunk man yelling on the street or burroughs. my hope is to stop in from time to time and read the whole thing up there because as i learned, it seems to be the perfect place to get the most out of the book.

as i watched a few TED talks this weekend (elizabeth gilbert, maira kalman, tim brown, dave eggers, sylvia earle, and dave carson* *friday) and started this watercolor while i watched them.

August 13, 2010

i go there sometimes in my dreams

there is this place i go to sometimes in my dreams that doesn't exist in the real world, and i went back there a few nights ago. it was just as beautiful as i remembered. it's been a while since i had been back and i started going there when i was quite young. a few things were different but it was the same place. a wide open pasture this time with a small garden with corn growing in it. above the garden where i was standing was a bench and there were a few buildings in the dream which were not in the past dreams. i definitely remember thinking to myself how beautiful the corn looked growing in the garden. in this dream i was more conscious of the fact that i had been there before which has never happened in the past. that's normally something i realize when i wake up. the oddest or most interesting part of this dream to me was that this time i brought my itelephone to take pictures. i remember thinking how i had to capture all of the beauty of everything i was seeing.

then i woke up and i didn't know how i felt. don't get me wrong i love technology and my little itele but a brand showing up in my dream? my special reoccurring dream!!! why couldn't it have been some unbranded no name camera? or some hip cool vintage camera to make me look way cooler than i actually am. maybe i've always had my itele in that dream but when i was first going i didn't know what it was since it didn't even exist then. and yes, if you're wondering i did check my itele to see if i was doing some dream photography but alas no middle of the night blury photos turned up.

i did end up remembering i took some great shots during my holiday on my itele which i'll posted as some sort of consolation prize for capturing no special reoccurring dream shots.

until we meet again special reoccurring beautiful dream.

continental divide, colorado

continental divide, colorado

maroon bells, colorado

a lake near maroon bells, colorado

the daisy, colorado

snowmass, colorado