November 10, 2009

toms are to me what pokemon are to children

gotta catch them all!
new to my toms family:

black glitter toms for dancing and fancy events! ive been waiting forever for toms to have more of the bronze and blue glitter shoes because i didn't really like the gold or the silver ones. these new black ones will suit me just fine.

booties for the snow when i go to the co and the wa. i had a conversation today about what i was going to do in the cold weather since my feet are almost exclusive to toms (i would say always but i didn't have any glitter ones for fancy events so now i can always exclusivly wear toms) but magically toms was already on top of it! now im all ready for winter fun times!

silver dacing, happy fun time shoes because they are silver and amazing!

photos credits: toms

November 5, 2009

sad day

How can you stop making the best pineapple in the world maui land and pine? you make me cry. see here