October 23, 2006

So They Say Fall Is Pretty Here

I was told fall is amazing here in Virginia. Apparently, those people haven't seen a Colorado fall. Perhaps, fall hasn't yet happened here. Some of the trees are changing though. It isn't so amazing. The colors are dull in comparison to Colorado. Maybe it is because no fall could ever compete with this photo. That's probably it.

This post is dedicated to Caitlin Indian White-Root for she is the master of all things fall and I miss her very much. Caits if you are out there somewhere reading perhaps from the lab while your yeast cultures are culturing or whatever it is that they do, I want you to know - I have four pretty Richmond leaves for you. I am still waiting for the Virginia fall to end to send them to you incase I get even better ones!

October 19, 2006

My Favorite Part About Richmond

I love Richmond for one reason only. This reason is three men on horseback who enforce the law: the Richmond Mounties. Unlike the more familiar Canadian Mounted Police, the Richmond Mounties like to travel in packs of three. No less, no more. They enjoy taking their horses to the fountain in front of The Martin Agency to let their parched ponies take a drink. This shot was taken from the parking structure on 14th and Cary. I also waved at them. They didn’t wave back.


I will never be more beautiful than today. My silky, pink petals dance in the breeze. My pearly parts will soon drop. They will flutter to the depths gloriously and harmoniously to be forgotten in time - and i will weep. Weep for those who will follow who too will weep on this day. The day before our destiny of becoming fat, red and ugly. I will be far from delicious without my dainty lobes and sweet sent that seduces the breeze. I must not focus on what is to come. No, no. Today is perfect, and I am perfect.

October 15, 2006

Ping Pong Battle Wounds

i think i'm taking ping pong too seriously and advertising not seriously enough.

Don't Trust Me

Inside the cereal box today - I found no toy,
just lots of round puffed balls.
They advertised a toy.
3-D glasses or soemthing glow-in-the-dark,
something they'd made with love.
They just don't make things like they used to.

October 11, 2006

The White Van, The Fish Mobile and Other Such Stories

When I was little my dad had a white van. It had no seats in the back and it was rusting everywhere. The only real way you knew it was a white van was because my dad called it his white van. The engine was on the inside of the van and was covered with a brown plastic thing like the wheel-well coverings inside a school bus.

I remember one day going into the van and finding a glass buoy that had barnacles all over it. They were still alive so when you touched them they’d open and close. One of them closed on my finger. I don’t have a scar to prove it.

This reminds me of the time Erica and I were down at the harbor with my dad. I’m not sure why Erica and I were there except that this was a long time ago and we for some reason had my grandpa’s “fish mobile.” (It was a brown station wagon that had a fish hood ornament, which is why it was appropriately called the fish mobile) While my dad was off fixing my grandpas beauty the Kilohana III, Erica and I decided to go crab hunting. For some reason we put the crabs we found inside the car in a small wooden box with no lid. We left to find more crabs and came back to find that the crabs were gone. The moral of this story is that if you want to lose your crabs put them in a small wooden box.

October 4, 2006

On Technology

I was really bummed out having to move far far away from the love of my life: the Colorado Avalanche. However, I am listening to the game on the internet game radio. I'm so far away but still so close. This is too crazy.

October 1, 2006

I'm Not Sure What This Means But...

I just watched this show called The World's Ugliest Dog Competition. When I flipped to this station they were interviewing the owners of this Whippet named Victoria. She had a water filled brain which resulted in her having a bulge in her left eye. She couldn’t walk straight and was pretty silly looking. She constantly got seizures and all the doctors said she should be put down.

I couldn’t help but wonder, is this going to be me in an adcenter month and was this my sign to run for my life?

Perhaps it was all just a coincidence.