August 11, 2013

Great News Gang, I'm Back

I'm back to blogging right here after I get rid of the 6,000 spam comments I got in the last three years I've abandoned this blog. It's like leaving your Animal Crossing for too long and all the weeds build up. I'm also merging a blog I started when I couldn't remember the password to this blog. But I remembered and now it's all in one place! Yay for remembering passwords boo to spam (but not the edible kind. the edible kind is delicious).

June 27, 2013

Camp Brand Goods

No other blog has made me want to adventure more lately than Camp Brand Goods' tumblr page. Every photo they post is just magical. The also have some real lovely clothing on their webby.

April 7, 2013

My InstaSpring So far

Balboa Park / San Diego, California

Sutro Baths / San Francisco, California

 Bay Bridge / San Francisco, California

Sunset Beach / Point Reyes National Seashore, California

Balboa Park / San Diego, California

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March 11, 2013

Orange and Yellow January (Yeah, I know it's March)

I read a whopping three books back in January but they were pretty awesome. So even though it's almost halfway through March it's time to reflect on the month that they call January. Technicalities aside, here are my reviews rated in the ever so precise "thumb rating system:"

God damn, Grace is great. Since I saw her in the September Issue, I have just though she is the top banana. I love her peculiar, headstrong nature and all of her delightful little drawings throughout the book. It reminded me a bit of My Life In France but with more cat. What a cool cat. (thumb rating: two thumbs up)  

The End of You Life Book Club:
Duh, I cried at the end. A lot. And in the middle knowing that the end is near. And at the beginning right after I read the title and decided to buy the book because I had already cried all over it. I was reminded so much of my own mom through out the book that I got my actual reality all mixed up with the book. The book is a good reminder to connect with the ones you love (especially Mom) because life is short. I gave the book to my mom after I read it and as it turns out she actually has a copy of Daily Strengths For Daily Needs. (thumb rating: two thumbs up)

Mr. Panumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore: 
I really wanted to have rave reviews for this book. I picked this book up for the same reason I usually choose my books: the cover design. The cover glows in the dark, which I give two thumbs up to that smartypants. I thought the story was a fun ride and I loved Mr. Penumbra's character. But I had one major hang up that kept taking me out of the book. My main issue is that the setting of San Francisco seemed unnecessarily forced into the book. I've lived in SF for 5 years now and I practically pooped my pants when I heard that wild parrots live in the city, but even I know they shouldn't be in this book. You can't help but visualize the entire story taking place in City Lights book store because of the obvious references to it, but I ended up visualizing a mix of the real place and the fiction adaptation of the book. Most unnecessary was the Westfield mall food court reference. I love the Korean place down there but put that in a SF Eats post, not this book. I wanted more imagination instead of an unnecessary homage to San Francisco. (thumb rating: thumb up)

Citrus Season

I made some candied citrus peels this past weekend and also made some citrus simple syrup. So many delicious citrus cocktails to come!

February 24, 2013

Pacific Orchid Show Failure

Every year Fort Mason becomes a huge greenhouse filled with orchids. All kinds of orchids from all over the world. Every year I attempt to limit myself to only 3 new orchids friends that I can bring home with me. Since I started going, I must admit not all of my orchids survive, but I've had pretty good success considering I don't have a greenhouse and San Francisco weather isn't exactly an orchids tropical, native habitat.

One of my favorite now deceased orchid was from 2 years ago who died about a year into my care from a tragic over-watering death. After a year of mourning, I was ready to get a new one this year. I searched the show through the rows of booths over and over determined to find that same one again. Since it had been a year, I had forgotten the name of the orchid but remembered it's markings. One of the best things about orchids is that there are so many species, but it also makes it nearly impossible to try to find a specific one amongst the loads of species. I was about to give up when I saw a flowering spike, but it wasn't attached to the plant.

I asked the vendor if he had any left. He said he thought he had a few left but after searching his booth he realized they were all gone. He asked me if I was local because I could stop buy their nursery in Menlo Park to get one. I decided it was time to come clean and tell him that I had killed my first one and get his opinion on whether I should get another. So I told him the tragic story. He said, "You don't learn anything from success. It's good that you failed. How'd you kill it?" I told him I overwatered him but tried to say it in a funny "but I swear I know better kind of way." And he said, "Most of the deaths related to orchid growing are water related." He didn't advise me to get another, but he did write down the name of the orchid for me so I'll take that as the okay. I don't usually talk to the vendors about my failures because I want to look like a total pro who is one with all her plants, but I'm pretty glad I told this guy. Who wants to road trip to Menlo Park for a new Phaius Lady Ramona Harris?!

Phaius Lady Ramona Harris

Pacific Orchid Show New Friends

New friend #01: Maxillaria tenuifolia otherwise known Coconut Pie Orchid because it smells like coconuts. I think his name shall be Max Coconut.

New friend #02: Coelogyne Jannine Banks "Snow White" who will now be called Miss Snow Banks.

New friend #03: Dendrobium Micro Chip who will just be named Dr. Pepper.

New friend #04: Who is also a Dendrobium but is a Dendrobium aggregatum. I'll name him Yellow Bomb and will hopefully have photos when I get him to bloom.

New Friend #05: Fern Asplenium stoloniferum who shall be named Stolo from now on. 

New Friend #06: This guy wasn't from the Orchid Exposition but I did get him yesterday and couldn't leave him out of the mix. He's a Senecio rowleyanus or string of pearls plant or string of beads. I think I'm going to call him Peas.

That wraps up the 6 new friends living in the apartment with us.