August 18, 2008

No Pants Ice Cream Thursday: The Beginning

A blog posting by Farrah on how No Pants Ice Cream Thursdays came to be:

1. Let's say you get home from riding the Dash in Boulder and your pants are sopping wet, and your ankles are getting cold. You need to take off your pants at the door.

2. Let's say on your way to your room to put on some non-wet pants, you get distracted by the kitchen, get some ice cream, and decided to eat it while watching television, and incidentally discover the joy of not wearing pants and eating ice cream.

A dream is born!

August 17, 2008

Veronica Mars

I re-started Veronica Mars the other day (three days ago to be exact) and i re-watched the entire first season. It was just as amazing as the first time. This brings me back to the very first time I had even heard of Veronica Mars in college.

Farrah and Anna-Liisa were explaining to us how they had to go watch this new show they got into called Veronica Mars. They explained the set up of the very first episode where (this is a spoiler if you don't want the very first episode ruined for you) they found out Veronica Mars is a now outcast high school detective whose best friend has just been killed, her boyfriend has broken up with her mysteriously, she was raped at a party, her mother has disappeared, and there is a biker gang.

All I envisioned at the time was that it was a teen version of Murder She Wrote. Farrah went on to explain that one of the main reasons they wanted to keep watching the show was that they couldn't figure out how they could keep up with a plot like the had in the first episode. Their logic made me curious too. So the Hotties Pi and Jonathan would meet up every Thursday (I think) to watch Veronica Mars to see how the mysteries would unfold. We also turned Thursdays into No Pants Ice Cream Thursdays though I can't remember the logic behind the event.

The first two seasons are true gems. However, the third season doesn't have the same quality of the first two, but you don't care because you've grown so attached to the story in the first two seasons that you just want the story to continue on. We lose great character dynamics and we are forced to put importance on new characters because our true favorites are missing. It is my opinion that Veronica Mars wasn't really supposed to be a long lived TV series; it's more of a wonderful 40 hour movie. And if you have a soul you too will love the series.

August 10, 2008

I Just Saw A Naked Man

He was on screen saver at the coffee & internet cafe I'm at. The next photo was a cat sitting on a basketball. That was followed by a puppy sitting on a cat's face. I think there was a theme going on.