February 17, 2009

that whole music thing

 alexi murdoch | time without consequence

orange sky was my favorite until i  was in the movie theater yesterday and heard it as the theme song for an upcoming la police drama southsomething land. it still might be my favorite.

February 16, 2009

i used to really be into flower meanings

but that got really hard when no one else knew their meanings. mostly, it wasted time trying to explain flower meanings after you give people flowers. it tends to look how do you say, creepy.

however there is exciting news on the horizon with illustrator/ad jason logan. jason has reinterpreted flower meanings for the modern day.

to quote the ny times article:
"For centuries, flowers have carried coded messages. A dark rose, for instance, symbolized bashful shame; a foxglove, deceit. But the rules of love have shifted, and our floriography needs modernizing as well. Jason Logan illustrates some updated meanings for the flowers you’ll be sending (or receiving) on Valentine’s Day."

here are a few of my favorite new flower meanings:

source: ny times

jason, for your sake and mine i hope these new meanings stick and if you need any help creating others for the collection you know where to find me.

a trip home

on the fb today i found a photo of my backyard back home. i miss it.

source: a friend's friend on the fb

February 3, 2009

Los Angeles

This city is like urban whale watching but instead of whales, it's celebrities.