December 28, 2006

Maui's Back Roads

I realized today one of the best things about Maui and as you may have guessed from the title of this blog it is indeed the back roads. Whenever roads were blocked you always had another way around. The back roads were always lines with trees engulfed with wild vines. The sun would shine in through the holes which was nice except on the the road to Kihei (which isn't really a back road anyway) because the holes in the trees were too big making you feel like you were getting a migraine. (see the following photo for reference)

I found out today that one of my favorite back roads (the one to the airport) has been demolished and in its stead will be shops and hotels. I believe slowly but surely the paradise will soon be sucked out of Maui so if you want to see anything worth remembering make sure to vacation there in the near future. Then again maybe not. I could perhaps sell bottles of my memories of the paradise that once was for quite a sum of money. Yes, please do not visit Maui in the near future or ever for that matter and instead by my bottled paradise memories. I promise the packaging will be nice.

Additionally, I just spend the last hour googling photos of my native land's back roads attempting to find exactly the right photo. I then realized I couldn't narrow it down at which point I am left with no other choice then to post them all. So I suppose this is a little taste of what's left of my island paradise and my bottled memories. I will not charge for this initial trial period. Please comment if you are interested in purchasing the bottled paradise memories in full (remember the packaging is going to be awesome).


w.weston said...

whatever these bottles you speak of cost, mine are 25 cents cheaper. and more fuel efficient. nice pictures.

w.weston said...

also, my phrasing is superior.

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