July 25, 2007

Fruit Bowls and Explosions

While googling yesterday for cereal, I came across a photo which triggered childhood memories.

When I was young, Erica and I ate a lot of food. This meant we spent most of our days sitting on bar stools staring at erica's mom of salt and pepper shaker collection while eating delicious meals.

Our menu favorites were: 7 layer bean dip, popcorn with brewers yeast, chili and rice, saimin*, rice-a-roni and pepsis with sour cream and onion pringles. Because we spent much of our time in the kitchen eating things this has caused me to have a fond attachment to the tools required to eat things. I saw this photograph of the bowls which were the very same as the ones we'd eat our delicacies off.

photo: Not all the bowls had cherries at the bottom. Some were peaches or plums. I'm sure there were more but those were the ones that really stood out.

I was just reminded of another time when Erica, Shasta, and I decided to make BLTs. I wasn't too excited about the meal so I was upstairs to play SimFarm and/or SimPark. When I decided to come downstairs to the kitchen, I was on the last few stairs and all I heard was what sounded like a gun shot. Turns out that when orange juice is old the directions "shake well" shouldn't apply. Erica shook the orange juice into explosion. I walked into a kitchen covered in orange juice. After about 10 seconds of shock, we started cracking up. Then Erica started panicking that her mom would come home to such a wreck so we had to clean up before anyone found out. We did our best, but I'm pretty sure the kitchen had a lingering smell of extra pulp Tropicana.

*Saimin is a noodle soup developed in and unique to hawaii. inspired by japanese ramen, chinese mein, and filipino pancit, saimin was developed during hawaii's plantation era. (credit:wikipedia) Mostly though we would make ramin out of the packages but it was always called saimin to us.

July 24, 2007

Picture of the Day

photo: i didn't take this photograph. i stole it from the internets.

July 23, 2007

It's only 96 days away

That's right folks. The Richmond Renegades opening hockey game. Who's with me? I can tempt the non-hockey inclined folk with delicious hot dogs (with hot dog buns made of soft pretzel). oh yes, and beer.

photo: count down clock from the renegades site

July 15, 2007

On Drawing

I started doing it again. I rather like it. Almost as much as I'll like going to the hockey game on january 9th. reminder you only have 179 days to respond to the previous post. it's going to be a hoot.

July 13, 2007

An Open Invitation To The Big Leagues

who: you? but for sure me.
what: colorado avalanche vs washington capitals
when: wednesday, jan. 9 at 7.00 pm
where: verizon center, washington dc

i strongly urge you to be there. it's going to be amazing.

photo: Joe Sackic and some defenseman for the caps who doesn't matter.

July 12, 2007


i often miss having long hair.

Three Things I Thought Today

01. I should watch The Pest again. "I told you I get sea sick." "Well, no duh."

02. I fear Peter Forsberg will retire soon.

03. Tea is hard to brew in cold water, but it's worth the wait.

July 10, 2007

Another Collection.

I really want an orchid collection. It was my favorite part about the fair every year. The only exception when I got second place in the haku competition; I was one of two entrants. I would walk through the stuffy War Memorial Gym looking at crazy hybrid orchids with my dad. I miss that, so I'm thinking about replicating it. I'll do without the yucky gym.

The orchid I have is named Prince William. (orchid credit: PW was a birthday gift from farrah) Perhaps, I'll work on getting the whole royal family first.

An update on the inspector stickers: I just got #9 and I literally just found a #4 on my shirt. amazing.

July 5, 2007

A Story About Herbs With Many Tangents In Between

When I was a child, my neighbor and dear friend Erica and I often got bored. So bored, in fact, that we once spent an entire weekend crafting a book called, What To Do When We're Bored. To make this splendid book, we spent all weekend on one of the best computer programs ever, Creative Writer.

photo: creative writer amazingness

So, yes, we were bored children. On a particularly boring day, prior to the creation of the gem, What To Do When We're Bored, we decided to go door-to-door selling herbs. However, we first had to find herbs to sell. My house had an abundance of mint so we harvested that first. We loaded our herbs into Erica's Radio Flyer (mentioned in Friday, March 30th 2007 prior posting). So we had mint, and that was about it. I believe we managed to find some basil from a garden we had started at one point in our lives, and we found chives at my house, although the chives had grown so large they didn't actually taste like chives anymore. It was more like wheat grass with a hint of chive.

Let's recap: we had basil, chives, and mint. Some would think these three herbs could sustain a very healthy business in herb selling, but we wanted more! So what did we do? We realized where we could get herbs: our neighbors yards! Perfect. Erica's neighbor had a huge bay leaf tree and a massively overgrown rosemary bush. We pillaged the neighborhood and looted the green treasures.

By the time we had all our herbs together, we began bickering. (We had the most fights over Scatergories category answers. For example, is a llama considered a farm animal?) This time we fought over the pronunciation of herb. Was the 'h' silent? In the end, we agreed it was silent based on the fact that it was silent when Erica's sister said she wanted herbal essence's shampoo.

After that minor setback, we started knocking on doors selling our mostly stolen loot. In the end we made about $7 dollars. The best part was went we went to Erica's neighbor's house. She decided to purchase the bay leaves from her very own yard. At the time I didn't realize how awesome it was that we sold something to someone that they already owned. We were such rebels.

photo: bay leaves

As a strange aside ending, I just remembered how much I hated talking to neighbors because I was so shy. I'd tell Erica that I'd do the talking after she told me she talked at the last eight houses, but then I'd knock on the door, panic, say nothing and Erica would end up talking to the neighbors.