January 31, 2007

This May Explain Why I Haven't Seen Many Movies

Erica texted me today asking me about a Porky from the movie The Little Rascals (1994). I got to thinking about how much I watched that movie from 1994-1998. I'd say in total I've seen the movie at least 25 times all the way through. I have never watched any movie more this one not even some of the classics like: Blue Crush, FHE's The Velveteen Rabbit, or The Ewok Movie.

I believe to be the culprit as to why I never advanced my movie watching eyes to anything but this movie. The only thing comparable to how many time both Erica and I have seen it is how many more times we have quoted it. I bet that if I put the movie on tonight I would know at least half the movie by heart.

As a side note, Bug Hall got hot. Not Teddy Geiger hot, but hot.

Areas of Interest

A quest for the perfect internship. A list of potentials:

Wexley School For Girls (Seattle, WA)
Sandstrom Design (Portland, OR)
WongDoody (Seattle, WA)
Fort Franklin (Boston, MA)
Cole and Weber (Seattle, WA)
Borders Perrin Norrander (Portland, OR)
Boone Oakley (Charlotte, NC)
Zig (Chicago, IL)
Starbucks on Baseline and Broadway (Boulder, CO)


January 25, 2007

Comments Demanded!

I demand comments on the ad to follow. (even if your comment is that you have no comment)

If you can't think of a comment here are a few to choose from:

•tor, do you realize you've used a rooster instead of a hen in your ad?
•why pearls? this chicken seems more into diamonds than pearls.
•have you considered how this ad might offend the chicken community?
•tor, you seem incapable of properly shadowing below a chicken. work harder next time.


Big old news guys: I dyed my hair a delightful chestnut color. So far I'm enjoying it. Here is a photograph to prove it:

Also, I got a call today from my five year old niece, Sydney asking if I wanted to buy girl scout cookies. this was the conversation:

me: hi
unidentified voice: hi.
me: who is this?
unidentified voice: Sydney.
me: hi Syd. i saw you left me a message.
syd: yeah. do you want to buy some girl scout cookies?
me: i'd love to buy some girl scout cookies.
syd: what kind?
me: how about some samoas and thin mints?
syd: okay. bye.

She sure does know how to do business.

January 1, 2007