December 17, 2006

The Holiday (2006)

Hotties Pi went to see The Holiday yesterday and besides the $14 concessions the movie was pretty snazzy. I would go to say it is comparable to Love Actually with some LA thrown in there for kicks. The movie was great but what was even better was the ladies sitting behind us.

Usually people talking in movies (especially baby people ie. children) makes me want to scream and beat them up with Jedi moves, but this wasn't the case with these whispering ladies. For a while, they got two of the characters Jude Law and Rufus Sewell confused as the same character. This caused them to think one of the characters was cheating on another so they would say "oh no no no" much like they were watching a scary movie when the characters would interact. This made for a more suspenseful romantic comedy movie watching experience.

They got extremely excited when a plate of fettuccine alfredo made a cameo appearance. They commented on how delicious it looked. The thing was, you couldn't deny how delicious the fettuccine looked. I wonder who got to eat it on the set.

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