December 30, 2006

Not To Worry I Noticed Them Too

You may or may not have noticed in my last entry a grammatical error or two. I must admit to you now, I am not that fantastic with grammar or editing my work. Usually when editing I just read what I want it to say instead of what is actually written. I have just realized that perhaps that's a reading problem and not an editing one. I will investigate that situation further at another juncture in time. I have one major pet peeve: further and farther are in fact two separate words with different meanings which cannot and should not be interchanged at the users will.

However, my anger toward people who use further and farther incorrectly was not the intention of this post. The intention is that I have decided which may or may not be a good thing to not get embarrassed by my grammatical misjudgments and to instead embrace them as my own literary personality. By no means am I trying to make a mockery of the English language but rather try not to be so worried about mistyping 'is' for 'it' and 'lines' instead of 'lined.' Also, now I can be totally lazy and let you decode my actual message. See, we both win that way. With my new lack of editing style it is lucky for you this thing has spell check or this would become a game I promise you wouldn't want to play.


w.weston said...

your really smart

Nate said...

I agree with you Tor. I was once told (very recently) that I am a shitty writer because I write emails with misspellings and grammer mistakes. And that people see that as me being shitty. I think it's stupid and I don't care. A blog is a blog, and an email is an email. It would be the same as me seeing your thong and saying "Tor is a slut" or noticing that your shoe is untied and saying "Tor is lazy" or both "Tor is a lazy slut" (all of which never happened, they were hypothetical).

I found out my junior year of high school that "Sposed" is not a word and that it is supposed to be "Supposed". Another time I learned that the word "Discusting" is spelled with a G and not a C, even though it totally sounds like it should be a C. Someone fucked up, maybe that guy named Webster.

Anyway, fuck spellcheck. Fuck grammar check. Fuck everything, unless you want to be known as "proper", which is lame.

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