July 15, 2007

On Drawing

I started doing it again. I rather like it. Almost as much as I'll like going to the hockey game on january 9th. reminder you only have 179 days to respond to the previous post. it's going to be a hoot.


Farrah said...

If people are really busy Jan. 9th, there is an option on Jan. 8th of Detroit Red Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche in Detroit. We can go as avid Colorado fans, and probably get our asses kicked.

Mariam said...

That is a supercool drawing! When I see designs like that i get really jealous that I can't draw. When I was in the 8th grade, I took art lessons with Mr. Swing with 3 other kids, and you can guess who was the least artistically inclined of the 4 of us. Ah, childhood traumas.

agirlnamedtor said...

but ill never understand super premium medical terms.