July 25, 2007

Fruit Bowls and Explosions

While googling yesterday for cereal, I came across a photo which triggered childhood memories.

When I was young, Erica and I ate a lot of food. This meant we spent most of our days sitting on bar stools staring at erica's mom of salt and pepper shaker collection while eating delicious meals.

Our menu favorites were: 7 layer bean dip, popcorn with brewers yeast, chili and rice, saimin*, rice-a-roni and pepsis with sour cream and onion pringles. Because we spent much of our time in the kitchen eating things this has caused me to have a fond attachment to the tools required to eat things. I saw this photograph of the bowls which were the very same as the ones we'd eat our delicacies off.

photo: Not all the bowls had cherries at the bottom. Some were peaches or plums. I'm sure there were more but those were the ones that really stood out.

I was just reminded of another time when Erica, Shasta, and I decided to make BLTs. I wasn't too excited about the meal so I was upstairs to play SimFarm and/or SimPark. When I decided to come downstairs to the kitchen, I was on the last few stairs and all I heard was what sounded like a gun shot. Turns out that when orange juice is old the directions "shake well" shouldn't apply. Erica shook the orange juice into explosion. I walked into a kitchen covered in orange juice. After about 10 seconds of shock, we started cracking up. Then Erica started panicking that her mom would come home to such a wreck so we had to clean up before anyone found out. We did our best, but I'm pretty sure the kitchen had a lingering smell of extra pulp Tropicana.

*Saimin is a noodle soup developed in and unique to hawaii. inspired by japanese ramen, chinese mein, and filipino pancit, saimin was developed during hawaii's plantation era. (credit:wikipedia) Mostly though we would make ramin out of the packages but it was always called saimin to us.


Bukes said...

pepsis with sour cream

mmm, chunky

Slate Donaldson said...

I thought you were going to say someone shot you. That wouldn't have been funny at all. And Erica's mom would have been really mad.

Farrah said...

This post reminds me how I would walk over to the Anouna's house when my parents would working, and I would eat jello powder out of fruit bowls. We didn't have jello powder at my own house because foreign people don't make jello from scratch.