June 13, 2007

Victoria Beckham

I sure do like her. I liked her a little before today. Well, actually that's not really true. In 6th grade, I was at home sick watching MTV music videos and a new group called The Spice Girls had a song out called Wannabe. Well, everyone knows what happens next. I believed I had super extraordinary girl rocking powers and together with the Spice Girls we would create world peace. Something like that. Anyways, I was a Spice Girl for Halloween that year, Erica and I watched Spice World at least a thousand times, and made our own music videos.

Photo: VB holding a book I really think I ought to own since
I'm not the best with fashion, even though I really do wish I was better.

Out of all the Spice Girls, Victoria seemed the most mysterious. I don't know if it was all the black Gucci dresses she wore or the fact that she never really spoke too much, but she was the least girl powery of them.

Photo: A picture for the boys who read el blogo

Since all good things must come to an end, the spice posse faded from my mind. Victoria Beckham has since always been here and there in the papers, but I never really took notice until she cut her hair really short and dyed it blond. I don't know why it was then but when I saw the new pictures of her, I thought it cleaver that she wore such big sun glasses so she could shield herself from the paparazzi. In my mind I said, "Good idea, co sharer of the royal name Victoria."

Today, I decided to go to her website where she has some video recordings of her being goofy, a side I never knew she had. (Obviously, since I don't know her at all.) This link will take you to the site where if you press the VBTV on the left hand side you will get to them:

Victoria Beckham TV
My favorites are:
VB TV 6 because she does something I always do
VB Day 1 Part 3 Japan because it was something I used to always do
VB 4 for its simplicity

If ever given the opportunity I think it would be really nice to sit and have lunch with her. I do believe we'd get along nicely.


Anonymous said...

can i have lunch with you and mrs. beckham? i'll sit in the middle. and we'll eat lunch at home. and also we're on your bed. and also we're naked. and there's no lunch.

Slate Donaldson said...

is it wrong for me to want to call you Torryspice?

kelly said...

AJ & I saw her last Saturday at Saddle Ranch. I don't think she eats lunch or anything for that matter, so you might want to make different plans for hanging out with her...

JD said...

Did you know she has her own line of jeans coming out?

Farrah said...

Remember when we watched 2GE+HER. You + me = us... baby. That's my new pick up line.

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