June 20, 2007

Keeping To The Theme

As I was looking at the last two posts, I realized how quickly my blog has turned into Oprah's Book Club. So I thought perhaps a selection of themed postings would be nice. Obviously, this post will also be about bound pages we shall call books.

This book should not be confused with the following similar titles:
Plants That Sometimes Bloom When Scientists Aren't Watching,
Plants That Will Quite Possibly Never Bloom In Our Lifetime,
Plants That On Occasion May Bloom But Proof Cannot Be Found,
or Mutants From Outer Galaxies

Additionally, I am sorry for the quality of the photo. I refused to put a nicer photo of the soft cover edition because I had the hard cover edition, and thus, the photo is what it is. Again, my apologies to your eyes.

Plants That Never Ever Bloom was one of my favorites growing up because it had color coordinated pages or at least that's why I think I liked it. I believe the color coordination in the book has had a serious affect on me having to have my closet in color coordination. It makes sense that I must now name my book inspired closet: Clothes That Never Ever Bloom, Unless Of Course It Is Floral Patterned. (CTNEBUOCIIP for shorter)

Also, the inside cover was a progression of a mushroom throughout its life; it's life cycle if you will. It was one of those really cute red mushrooms with white polka dots that you never actually see in real life but are always shown in books. It's like the dancing mushrooms in Fantasia. After I wrote those last two sentences I attempted to find a picture to show you since I didn't think my words did it any justice. Guess what? Your peripheral vision works, I found it. Here:

photo: the first half of the red capped mushroom life cycle.

I'm pretty sure I didn't like the book for the content because I hate mushrooms these days. Perhaps, this is why I don't enjoy eating them now. I can't do it after all those years of getting close to them in my book knowing that they never ever bloom. Or perhaps I was let down in life when I went to search for the cute red mushrooms with white spots and managed to find white capped ones in the grass after it rained.

I am currently wondering if Oprah has ever had any picture books in her book club because these pictures were some of my favorites. I wonder if she even has a book club still. If she does, I'm surprised she doesn't demand to have new covers made for the books in the club to be of her in different poses. I believe this will be more effective than just a giant sticker on the front. I bet if it doesn't exist anymore that was the reason for it falling apart. Here's a cover I imagine her demanding:


w.weston said...

the reason you never saw any red capped ones was because ian and teo ate them all

Slate Donaldson said...

Jill Rin no eat red mushrooms. They make act so fun. Why no pictures a Jill Rin?

Farrah said...

You'll get all sorts of hits on your blog now from people google searching "oprah"

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