January 31, 2007

This May Explain Why I Haven't Seen Many Movies

Erica texted me today asking me about a Porky from the movie The Little Rascals (1994). I got to thinking about how much I watched that movie from 1994-1998. I'd say in total I've seen the movie at least 25 times all the way through. I have never watched any movie more this one not even some of the classics like: Blue Crush, FHE's The Velveteen Rabbit, or The Ewok Movie.

I believe to be the culprit as to why I never advanced my movie watching eyes to anything but this movie. The only thing comparable to how many time both Erica and I have seen it is how many more times we have quoted it. I bet that if I put the movie on tonight I would know at least half the movie by heart.

As a side note, Bug Hall got hot. Not Teddy Geiger hot, but hot.