July 8, 2012

Macrame Started My Life

Right before my mom went into labor with me she was creating a macramé piece. Either I wanted out to stop her from the knotting extravaganza or I just desperately wanted to help her out. So I suppose you could say macramé and I are kindred spirits, but it wasn't always that way. I used to hate macramé plant hangers mostly because I associate them with terrible 70s wooden beads and brown. Lots and lots of brown. So. Much. Brown.

Then one glorious day a while back on Refinery29 I saw this DIY article, and it made me realize what a fool I've been. Idiot sandwiches! Macramé cord comes in other colors besides brown. Just because I've always seen brown, light brown and more brownish doesn't mean there weren't lovely color options.

So I went nutty and bought lots of fun, happy colors from none other than the macrame superstore dot com. Then I created way too many happy macramé plant hangers for my plant friends. To make sure I understood the process, I watched this lovely YouTube video. I quickly realized making these plant holders is ridiculously easy so much so that the first one I made I thought certainly I screwed it up because I made it so quickly. A few knots and bam, a nice little banana hammock for my plant friends.

Here's a few photos of the process:

I love them so much and hope my little maiden hair ferns do too. I hope the top maiden loves it so much that it can forgive me for almost killing it a few weeks back during that weird SF heat wave.

These must be the colors I visualized in the womb; it only took me twenty-eight years to find out the cord doesn't always come in brown. Better late than never for my plant friends. Viva la 1970.

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