October 20, 2009

i made a poster for you

i've always had troubles figuring out the personalities of fonts. call me crazy but for some reason i think this helps me. hopefully soon i'll screen print a few into real posters. more to come on that.

*revised version of poster made may 14 due to prior a mr. cooper black impostor 'stache mistake. my apologies. the poster is available for purchase here at Old Tom Foolery.


kelli parker said...

oh my! i absolutely love this. thanks!

Oliwa said...

lol, brilliant idea!

natalie. said...

this is amazing - i blogged about it earlier today and decided to poke around to see where it came from - totally awesome.

agirlnamedtor said...

glad you all like it. natalie, thanks for blogging and spreading it around!

tAsh said...

Nice one....
but that makes all typefaces as gentlemen!

I'll only assume u r gonna do one with typographic braids as well!

Chris said...

Love it!

An idea for next printing: play with the "Mr." a bit.

Mssr. Didot

Sr. Wide Latin

Sig. Filosofia

and so forth.

Jennifer Moline, PsPrint said...

Clever! I had to tweet it.

Michael Buchino said...

So glad you decided to change it from Fontstaches to Typestaches.

KINGRPG said...

Your website is really cool and this is a great inspiring article. Thank you so much.

agirlnamedtor said...

it's true, i made them all gentleman. at the time i didn't go to far into the metaphor. then when it was printed i panicked that feminists would find it offensive. but then i got to thinking it was more offensive having women with facial hair. in the end, i came to the conclusion i over thought it. i better get on the braid poster before i start analyzing the existing one again.

Chris, we're in round two of printing which i can hardly believe. the poster will be the same but i'll keep that suggestion in mind for another project.

Jennifer, thanks for passing it on!

Michael, I'm glad the name was changed too.

KINGRPG, thanks for the love.

Gila (11m2) said...

This rocks! Any chance of a smaller version coming out any time soon? Maybe even work with a letterpress artist over on Etsy for that?

The current size just doesn't work for my space, but I want it so badly... :)

Hugs from Hamburg,

agirlnamedtor said...

Gila, We're working on possibly making a smaller size. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

EChristensen said...

love love love this!

Jeff said...

Very nice, and inspirational, too! If my decidedly debonair pink moustache ever falls out (thus requiring the equivalent of a wig for my lip) I'd be interested in the Mr. Jeanne Moderno style. Provided, of course, that it's available in the color of my choice.

tartan baffies said...

Really loved your poster, very witty & very clever. Thought I would sport a few typestaches for results follow the link http://tartanbaffies.blogspot.com/2010/10/typeface-moustache-inspired-by-tor.html

Kate Austin-Avon said...

This is awesome. I posted about it here: http://myadvokate.wordpress.com!

I love it!

Vitamin said...

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Austin homes said...

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