May 23, 2008

Gangs of New York/Boulder

Over the summer I spent some time pretending to be cooler than I am at tda advertising & design. At the time, we were throwing around concepts for Celestial Seasonings. By the end of the summer none of the concepts were pushed through to production, and I had to come back to Virginia. But eventually Brad and Will got this beauty through:

I loved the idea mostly because I work at coffee shop and get to hear the ridiculous orders that are made just so the person can secretly say this with their order, "Hey barista, I understand coffee so much that I'm going to make your life a living hell by making you spend 10 minutes on my stupid order that I'll end up spilling on the way back to my car, but it's okay because I'm actually on a diet right now but I still had to buy this to make you think I'm cultured".

But I loved it even more when I was at the coffee shop one day and I saw a man reading the New York Times. On the back of the paper was this ad:

It like a west coast coffee vs tea gang fight, and I was on the outskirts in one of those gangs.

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will said...

w00t w00t!