January 29, 2008

Turns Out-

I'm already an accomplished actress as the "voice of planets," editor, and still photographer.

Alright, alright you got me. I this isn't my IMDB listing. However, I was once and extra in a City Bank* commercial. At least now I have big dreams of being the voice of the universe to beat out this Victoria and her measly planet voice over.

*City Bank should not be confused with its more popular cousin Citi Bank.


Bukes said...

Your typos.

You've been drinking.


w.weston said...

this blog is to good too be true

ns said...

Dear Tor's typos,

You all are so refreshing.

You unabashedly proclaim,

"Tor is unafraid to let the world see exactly what she's thinking
before it's edited down and polished."

Three cheers for you.

agirlnamedtor said...
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