December 20, 2007

The Reason I Still Believe in The Good in People

My mom quilts. She has quilted since forever, but I’ve only seen the end results and occasionally she’ll ask my opinion on fabrics.

However, yesterday my mom took me to her quilting class. Now I’m not so sure what I pictured in my head of what it was going to be like but what it was I was never expecting.

We walked into the quilting room where busy body 80-90 year old women bustled around me sewing and pinning. They had created an assembly line of quilt making. There was one area for tying the batting to the fabrics, an area where the ends were pinned to be sewed, and then a sewing station.

They make all the quilts to either be given to the needy or sold for local charities. At their last sale they sold 99 quilts.

The feeling of being in the room with them was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. The ladies were all so warm like fluffy bunnies drinking hot coco by the fire, but it didn’t make me want to throw up. It actually made me really happy. Really happy. I wanted to stay with them quilting until the end of time. They didn’t talk about advertising or anything I’m normally accustom to talking about.

If you ever get a chance, go find a quilting group. I suggest you visit, at least once.

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