April 5, 2007

That One Time I Fell In The Mud

Let's rewind to seventh grade shall we. Samuel Enoka Kalama Intermediate School. Qualification for passing 7th grade are as follows:

And so the story begins:

I can't exactly remember what time of day it was but I know it was sometime in the morning. So let's just say it morning recess. I was probably thinking about what was on the lunch menu. I came to notice today the options haven't really changed from those of yesteryear:

So let's say it was chili and rice day. Anyway, back to the mud. It wasn't a giant puddle of mud I should have avoided. It was like black ice (wiki: Black ice, also known as "glare ice" or "clear ice", typically refers to a thin coating of glazed ice on a surface, often a roadway. It also is unusually slick compared to other forms of ice on roadways).

I'll call this type of mud Brown slip goop (dictornary: Brown slip goop, also known as "you idiot" or "hahaha", typically refers to a thin coating of slippery goo on a surface, often dirt.
Because it is only a thin layer of water over the dirt it is unusually slick compared to other forms of dirt on the ground.)

As the title of this blog indicates I fell in the mud. It was all over my leg and I got all cut up because the brown slip goop was only a thin layer which exposed the rocks underneath. But it gets better.

After I realized I fell all I could hear was laughter from people all around. "Hahahaha. The haole girl fell. HAHAHAHAHAHA." As I rushed to the girl's bathroom to escape, the 8th grade boys who had been laughing at me decided to follow me. They followed me straight into the bathroom.

Naturally, I started crying. I was expecting the bathroom to be my safe haven but no. The boys followed me into the bathroom to laugh at me more. They finally left my muddy, brown slip goop self when the bell for classes rang.

I can't wait until my next fall. I'm going to make a brown slip goop angel.


w.weston said...

holy crap, school lunches have improved since '97! i remember every single friday was simply "spam musubi" and it was just one musubi on that white styrofoam plate. and it was one of those days that everybody SPRINTED from class to get in line first. you had to hike your backpack up all the way to run well, and tighten the straps. robert maldonado was the first one in line every day.

not eb said...

this was very sad.

Will said...

this makes me feel terrible about all the times i laughed at you slipping on the ice.