March 16, 2007

Virginia Beaches: An Examination

So here are photos from the day off.

This first one is the entrance to the beach. It's always interesting that beaches on the east coast always seem to have fences to herd you into the beach as though to say, "hey this way to the beach. No, not that way. This way." The best is yet to come.

So here we are with a headless, dead seagull. It's hard to say where his head has gone to. That's another things different about east coast beaches: the headless seagull. Well, really seagulls in general but headless ones too. They make for a good photograph flying in the sky or headless, dead on the sand. If you were wondering, Alex and Eb buried our new found friend mr. headless gull. Onward

The sand is a lot more course than the motherland. Nice, but not nearly as soft. Virginia sand is like fleece and Maui sand is cashmere.

Also, these east coast beaches love their grasses and big hills. Strangely beautiful. It was a beautiful day, but then it became cold, oh so very cold. So we huddled together for warmth but it didn't work.

So we said goodbye to the beautiful east coast beach. Forever in my heart you are fair beach of Virginia.


w.weston said...

i have the head. sorry about that.

will said...

i always like the way you write your blogaroos.