February 17, 2007

ADD and Country Music

It seems as though I cannot focus on anything for more than a few minutes. I find that my ADD has significantly increased as a result of the Adcenter. At every moment I find something else to do besides advertising. During my meetings today I accomplished the following:

finding five of the same ad in seven different magazines
posting those five ads on the Adcenter walls

Please help add to the collection. If you are from outside richmond please send me the following ad if you ever come across it. I'll send you baked goods of your choice as a reward. This is the ad:

As a side note, I used to only listen to country music late at night and now that is the only radio station I play in the car. I've realized that country music is like bad ads. For example, "She thinks my tractor is sexy" is equal to "There's a better way to attract a lady." Perhaps, I am creating crappy ads these days because I'm listening to the bad ad radio station. I think it's NPR from now on.

Also, I am going to focus all my attention on creating an entire wall of armani code ads.


Nate said...

The very best radio station is 98.9 Liberty.

It's the station that "Plays Anything".

It's all request, which is usually 80's or 90's. Sometimes you get really old stuff. Sometimes you get Hansen. It's always a surprise.

It's the only radio station I play in Richmond.

I hope you're not at the Adcenter too much longer. You looked tired.

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