August 28, 2007

The House of Pineapple Payne

From these photos you can't really tell that this house is a mansion. It's a pretty killer place to live so far. More photos to come.


August 18, 2007

One Step Closer to Victory

That's right folks. Take another ring off those construction paper countdown chain because we're only 70 days away:

side note: if you haven't started a construction paper countdown chain, may i suggest making a black, blue and gold one with a pattern of: blue, blue, gold, black, blue, blue. It looks just stellar. here is a link to see an ugly less amazing version: crappy countdown chain that thinks it's cool.

DIA: The Best Aquarium Ever

While driving to the Seattle airport before it was even bright and early, so early in fact that is was late as opposed to early, I realized why I like the Denver International Airport (DIA) so much. Unlike other airports comparable to its size and traffic flow, DIA doesn’t bombard you with signs.

There aren’t billboard-size signs every three inches, like the media buy was buy one get eight free. DIA doesn’t panic you. As the signs progress they don’t make you question the one before it. While driving through other airports you think, Oh departures left and arrivals right, but that last sign just said port access left? All the while you are attempting to navigate through and around taxi drivers who are shouting at you for not going faster. Unlike the veteran taxi drivers, I have no idea which signs are telling the truth. They are all just green and white signs. Oh no that last sign was blue. What do the blue signs mean? Wait this road goes to Milwaukee?

No. DIA would never worry the mind. The airport is quite visible from a distance so you just drive toward it. Just one highway with exits. There aren’t unnecessary amounts on and off ramps with tricky turns. You are, after all, trying to figure out how to get to your proper location, not taking drivers test: deluxe edition. If you ever question, Is this the right way, which you won’t all you need to do is drive toward the monstrous mountain-circus tents and reassure yourself, yes indeedy you are getting closer to those whales of the sky.

Now, about the signs. They are enormous and scanable: just find your flight on the list and you’ll know which terminal you need to head toward. They give you this information nine miles before the airport so you need not panic. There are only two choices to make: terminal west (nearer to the mountains) and terminal east. They don’t have useless information on the signs before it becomes imperative that you know the information. No excessive signs saying right lane this left lane that.

Navigating through DIA is as easy as the succumbing to overwhelming urge to knock the shit out of the child who woke me from my airborne slumber on the Orca (I flew Alaska Air) screaming, 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 I declare a thumb war!

photo: me on the orca this morning before being woken up.
i sat in 13B, which is where the little splashes are after the white dot near the eye.

August 13, 2007

I'm A Lass Who Loves Berries and Creme.

Who wants to go berry picking with me in the good old Virginia? I've done a little research, perhaps a bit too much time on berry farms in Virginia. I thought that the Westmoreland Berry Farm was the best because they have the most fruit right now and you can also pick the berries yourself. No point in driving an hour not to pick them yourselves eh? The following delicious fruits are in season at the end of August: blackberries, raspberries, peaches and apples. So who's with me?

photo: how delightful our findings will look.

August 12, 2007

I Caught Trout

baby ones.

A Trip Home

As I traveled along the mountain highways of eastern Washington today, I saw two blonde haired girls no older than thirteen sitting on a tractor. They reminded me of the times when Erica and I would ride around the neighborhood on a John Deere tractor. Before we could drive, it was our favorite mode of transportation, but when we used it usually meant that we were selling flowers or corn for Erica’s family farm.

We would sit at the top of the road with our farm fresh corn signs, which tourist usually read as, “please ask us directions to the nearest gas station.” Most of the time we gave good directions.

While the corn was a much more legitimate business venture than most of the other things we tried to sell, sometimes business was slow. During those times we would get ridiculous and make up silly sayings. We segmented our automotive audience into two very well researched groups: “Wavers must be savers” and “Non-lookers must be hookers.” There sure were a lot of non-lookers, which probably explains why maui is such a huge vacation destination. Maui no ka oi. Hana hou. Hana hou.

Also as a delightful aside, my parents and I ate dinner with a deer tonight. The doe grazed outside while we ate our couscous inside. Have you ever eaten couscous with a deer? I thought not.

August 6, 2007

Arnold Palmer

While I know little about golf and much less about Arnold Palmer, I do know I very much enjoy one of his favorite drinks. The half iced tea half lemonade combination was something I'd occasionally toss together at work when there were a few left over lemons but not enough for a whole glass of lemonade. I recently purchased the Nantucket Nectars version of the Arnold Palmer which they call Half and Half.

The green circle you can't read says, "Half & Half" and under that "Half Lemonade ~ Half Iced Tea." I would have much prefered if they threw everyone off and it instead read, "Half & Half" and under that "2/3 Lemonade ~ 1/3 Iced Tea."

August 5, 2007

2 for $4.88 or Amazing?

At Target today I came across these:
I really really wanted to purchase a box to just to have the packaging. However, I am currently broke and had to go for the 2 for $4.88 deal instead of fronting $6- for one beautifully packaged Rembrandt. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to resist the purchase next time I get some toothpaste.

photos: designed by little fury also, while researching who designed the packaging i found this delightful blog