April 30, 2009



a dog

if i had one, i bet you'd tell me how cute it is.


i really don't like them. they're crutches for people who aren't injured. it doesn't make much sense to me to use an elevator to get somewhere when we are perfectly capable of getting there on our own.

yes, i know i work on the 17th floor of a building and we have the world's fastest elevator. i actually had to press other buttons when i first started working there because i couldn't handle how fast it went.

normally, i'd boycott elevators for the more natural version some like to call feet. however, i have a problem. i love to sleep. yes, i love it. yes, blah blah you can sleep when you are dead and all that crappy pants but i can't help it. i love to sleep. now this is a problem. i can't love to sleep and also get to work at a decent hour by hiking up 17 flights of stairs.

yes, this however, isn't your problem. nope. it's my problem.

i got stuck in the elevator today.

i hate elevators. they are boxes of nothingness bringing you up and down. i don't get it. i really only get it because the person who must have invented it loved sleeping.

catch. 22.

a simpler time

let's go back to that.

April 15, 2009

home videos

when i was growing up erica and i loved making home videos. we loved making home videos probably more than we liked to think about cool things we could do when we were bored which we did a lot. we probably spent at least half our time thinking about what we could do instead of actually doing anything. regardless, this is about home videos.

we made a lot of them. we started out amature style doing day time talk shows, music videos, cooking shows, and occasionally movies. after we had been doing our movies for a while we started making these movies for class projects. now, thinking back on it i have no idea what those projects were. All of our projects were edited in-camera so you can tell what kind of quality you're getting with these babies. oh yes, and our sound was usually created by pre-programed tunes on an electric piano. (i distinctly remember one doing a countdown in a crazy voice then insert crazy, sweet electronica noises) i have compiled a list of just some of the many that i remember making.

please let me know if any titles intrigue you i'll be sure to write a longer, more detailed synopsis for you on the blog so you can get a better feeling for our art and perhaps someday we'll put them out on DVD for everyone's enjoyment.

Talk Show: I Had A Crazy Boyfriend My Mother Hates ("L for Lorenzo")
Horror Flick: "The Summer House" ("How old is that coffee?" and the vacuum kills people)
Music Video: Micheal Jackson's It Don't Matter If You're Black or White
Music Video: The Spice Girls Wannbe (and a terribly choreographed dance)
Music Video: The Spice Girls Spiceworld (with fake boobies for a more authentic feel)
Talk Show: Parents Who Embarrass Their Children ("git the horses pa. get the horses")
Short: Scenes from on The Titanic re-enacted ("a shark came over the railing and bit me")
Cooking Show: Earth Girl's Earth Cookies ("flour from the Himalayan Plateau")
German Cooking Show: German Chocolate Cake (complete with hand puppet sidekick)
Talk Show: I Lost a Limb in The War: A Comedy ("my head got chopped off in the war")
Talk Show: Psychic Readings (all i remember was using a light bulb as a crystal ball)

April 14, 2009

would you plan a trip to europe for shoes?

i would, but only for these:

the hunter rhs original in floral white! holy amazing! i need them or my little floral heart will be broken, forever.

and to top it off these shoes were made for me: "These boots were made with the gardener in mind and designed especially for the Royal Horticultural Society. Established in 1804, the RHS is the UK's leading gardening charity dedicated to advancing horticulture, promoting good gardening and helping all gardeners everywhere."

i went to the RHS site and now also want this (but would NEVER be used with the boots):

found here

April 13, 2009

i didn't know why i love my crocs until today

i could never really figure out why i like my crocs or i suppose more importantly why i even dare to wear them in public until i was on this silly adventure on wikipedia today. it started with me looking up the swedish countryside but ended up answering a much bigger question in my life: why exactly do i wear those silly crocs of mine?

prior to today i would have said, "well you see they are a boulder-based company and my unjustified loyalty to a geographical location where i spent 4 years of my life makes me wear them" but that in fact isn't the answer friends. im as surprised as you are. it's actually my dear and glorious friend peter forsberg as noted in wikipedia:

"Peter Forsberg also owns a company — Pforce AB — that imports and markets Crocs shoes in his native Sweden since 2005."

now when someone asks why im wearing the most ridiculous shoes in the world i can say "it's because have an unjustified loyalty to a hockey player i once stood 2 hours in line to meet for 30 seconds."

April 1, 2009

ESPN why are you breaking my heart?!

The main page of ESPN's NHL page. At least they did it on april fools' day so some people may think it's a joke. Also, I'm crying in a corner. alone.