November 10, 2009

toms are to me what pokemon are to children

gotta catch them all!
new to my toms family:

black glitter toms for dancing and fancy events! ive been waiting forever for toms to have more of the bronze and blue glitter shoes because i didn't really like the gold or the silver ones. these new black ones will suit me just fine.

booties for the snow when i go to the co and the wa. i had a conversation today about what i was going to do in the cold weather since my feet are almost exclusive to toms (i would say always but i didn't have any glitter ones for fancy events so now i can always exclusivly wear toms) but magically toms was already on top of it! now im all ready for winter fun times!

silver dacing, happy fun time shoes because they are silver and amazing!

photos credits: toms

November 5, 2009

sad day

How can you stop making the best pineapple in the world maui land and pine? you make me cry. see here

October 27, 2009

me said to the tree

me: you know what tree? you're not as shady as i thought.
tree: thank you.

October 21, 2009


delightful tunes by katie herzig. i read my journalism school alumi newsletter the other day and read an article about katie's music. odd way to find music but delightful none the less. her acoustic album is free for download on her site: here. check it. songbird is a gem of a song.

¡ flamingos !

sea foam green birds from me to you.

October 20, 2009

i made a poster for you

i've always had troubles figuring out the personalities of fonts. call me crazy but for some reason i think this helps me. hopefully soon i'll screen print a few into real posters. more to come on that.

*revised version of poster made may 14 due to prior a mr. cooper black impostor 'stache mistake. my apologies. the poster is available for purchase here at Old Tom Foolery.

October 18, 2009


sugar and soy,
grey squares,
cyclone of ham bone,
oh so sorry.

September 21, 2009


the best part about making tea in the morning is that by 2pm your tea is iced tea. it's a drink that just keeps giving.

September 12, 2009

"vintage brass bunny"

Is it me or doesn't vintage usually imply some sort of unique/one-of-a-kind quality? Perhaps, all the vintage bunnies are getting it on as bunny have a tendency to do.

See my research below of the "vintage" charm on etsy:

why i have a TOMS tan:

be the change

not white anymore

current in transit to me!

for all of my yachting related events

ninja time boots

the first pair. currently have a hole in the bottom, not good when it rains.

not pictured: my GOOD magazine TOMS because I can't find a photo of them on the interweb and mine are camera shy.

i'll take it as a sign

that i was meant to save plants from the grocery store next to the refrigerated dairy food section since my favorite plant store is now an empty space on the street lost to time.

July 23, 2009


i frequent my blog sometimes thinking that it will update itself. it never does.

June 18, 2009

in my mailbox this week:

photo credit: letter from my eight year old niece, lexi, regarding my summer plans.

May 31, 2009

atlantic city

i liked it less than going to tunica, mississippi. perhaps because it's foggier than the city.

May 22, 2009

the nuggets =

the reason the avs didn't make the playoffs.

that's my story and im sticking to it, okay.

May 4, 2009

i remember

exactly who i was when i loved this song for the first time.

April 30, 2009



a dog

if i had one, i bet you'd tell me how cute it is.


i really don't like them. they're crutches for people who aren't injured. it doesn't make much sense to me to use an elevator to get somewhere when we are perfectly capable of getting there on our own.

yes, i know i work on the 17th floor of a building and we have the world's fastest elevator. i actually had to press other buttons when i first started working there because i couldn't handle how fast it went.

normally, i'd boycott elevators for the more natural version some like to call feet. however, i have a problem. i love to sleep. yes, i love it. yes, blah blah you can sleep when you are dead and all that crappy pants but i can't help it. i love to sleep. now this is a problem. i can't love to sleep and also get to work at a decent hour by hiking up 17 flights of stairs.

yes, this however, isn't your problem. nope. it's my problem.

i got stuck in the elevator today.

i hate elevators. they are boxes of nothingness bringing you up and down. i don't get it. i really only get it because the person who must have invented it loved sleeping.

catch. 22.

a simpler time

let's go back to that.