April 20, 2008

Round Two

Goodbye Minnesota Wild. Hello, Detroit Red Wings. Prediction Avs win series in seven games.

Photo title: Peter Forsberg: Wears A Belt
Also, little known fact: my stalker pen name is Patrick Tragardh.

April 19, 2008

See Forgetting Sarah Marshall If-

• you've seen Blue Crush 1,000 times like me and still enjoy the numerous plot and character flaws

• you know Kristen Bell was the star of Veronica Mars, the CW's teen detective show, that got canceled after its third season

• if you know Kristen Bell was a lead in a shitty movie about the internet killing people

• you know that they used the same local guys in the film as they did in Blue Crush

• if you'll notice that the outside of the hotel was the same from Blue Crush but not the inside

• if you call toilet paper, doo doo paper

Otherwise, you will not find this movie nearly as amusing as I did.

April 14, 2008

Sometimes I Forget -

the people in this life who really make life worth living. I got a voicemail today from two of my favorite people of all time telling me that they wished I was with them sitting at the coffee shop with them. Sometimes it's easy to forget in this fake advertising world of magic and dungeon-like world (ie the brandvertising center) the things in life truly worth living for.

So in honor of them bringing my health status back to full strength I give them in return what i like to call "the happiness montage":

I Heart This Anal Bum Cover

April 1, 2008


It's not the devil I thought it was. Here's a sweet website I took part in coding freshman year of college. Perhaps a highlight of my art directing career.

here is the linkeroo

this link leads you to a forbidden site. that sounds dangerous. apparently the site is gone - forever. may it live in my memory forever. for those who never saw the glory, imagine a link to the best site of all time. it was sorta like that.